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Read the December 14th Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

DFW: Million-dollar home sales statewide are up more than 11% in 2018. DFW had the most million dollar sales of any Texas metro area. 1,825 properties for the year ended in October. Houston was second with 1,669. More than $3 billion in North Texas million-dollar homes were sold, representing over 9% of the total DFW residential sales volume. (MLS) Average price per square foot for a luxury home was $320/SF compared to $136/SF for all residential. Million-dollar homes now comprise almost 4% of the national marketing, up almost 8% from last year.


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DFW: There’s no downturn in Uptown as precious lots continue to sell for prices nearing $400/ft. A one-acre-plus vacant tract on Maple across from the Crescent closed recently close to $375/ft. with plans for a high rise apartment project. The half-block at Boll Street and McKinney Avenue, occupied by a few small buildings, sold for undisclosed terms or plans. Meantime, north of Uptown on Knox Street, building permits have been filed for a $72 million, 600,000-square foot tower replacing Weir’s store and retaining the pharmacy/soda fountain building.


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DFW: A 150,000-square foot Central Market will be the lower level of a 19-story,

450,000-square foot office tower complex on a 4.8-acre site at McKinney and Lemmon

formerly occupied by an Albertson grocery. Grocery shoppers will have two levels of

garage parking on top of the store. A two-acre public plaza on the market roof will

access the tower, shops and restaurants. The store at street level will stretch the length of

the block facing McKinney. This is the seventh store in DFW and developers say it is the

largest in the Central Market portfolio.


Read the October 19th Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

DFW: Sales of $1 million-plus homes in the Dallas area are up almost 30% in the third

quarter, continuing the largest year-over-year increase of the top ten metro markets. More

than 300 luxury homes sold in the third quarter, for a total of 1,389 homes sold to date.

DFW had the largest number of preowned property sales in the state for the third quarter,

a total of 27,660. DFW also had the biggest inventory increase, up 14.5% from last year.


Read the October 12th Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

DFW: In the first half of 2018, over $11 billion in construction projects began in North Texas, second only to New York City. DFW remains the #1 home and apartment building center in the nation, reports the Urban Land Institute. DFW is their survey’s #1 market for 2019. Austin and San Antonio also placed among the 20 favorite cities for investment and development.

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Uptown property values exceed $5.5 billion, up 15% in the last two years, in a recent report from Uptown Dallas, Inc., charged with the responsibility for enhancing the quality of life in the public improvement district. The area is 99% developed with 96% occupancy. The resident population of 19,000 has increased 66% since 2010, with families the fastest growing demographic. Daily foot traffic of more than 30,000 walk over 654,000-square-feet of well maintained sidewalks. In Uptown’s 591.8 total acres, green space and parks occupy 58.2 acres (about 10%). Uptown has more than 50 arts and culture locations, 130 fitness studios, more than 200 restaurants and bars and more than 150 retail shops.

Read the June 22nd Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

DFW: Dallas ranks fifth among major markets with the largest year-over-year gains in home purchase contract, according to Meyers Research, who credit rising interest rates pushing more buyers into the spring market. DFW totals rose 8%. CoreLogic’s recent Home Price Index show U.S. prices up 6.9% from last year and the report forecasts increases this year of around 5%. Lower-priced homes saw a gain of 90.3% versus 5.7% rise for higher-price homes.

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Area home prices were up 7% from a year ago in the new Standard & Pool’s/Case-Shiller Index, compared to a 6.2% increase nationwide. San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland and Seattle all are seeing strong gains. Biggest increases were Seattle, up 12.7%, and Las Vegas, up 10.6%.

Read the January 26th Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

Construction in North Texas set a record high in 2017 with $22 billion in projects. Building in the DFW area was 6% higher than 2016, which was an all-time high. For the year, DFW commercial building activity totaled $9.6 billion and residential activity hit $12.6 billion, including single and multi-family. Dodge data predicts slightly slower growth in 2018.

Read the January 12th Allmanac for the latest news in Dallas real estate!

Dallas: Home sales set another record for North Texas in 2017, with 106,000+ single family homes, up 5% over the previous high in 2016. Prices were up 9%. The biggest increase was in sales of million-dollar homes, up 21%. Listings were up 6%, but still at only a two-month supply. Almost 40% of Dallas-area homes sold for more than 40% above the listed price, a proportion that tracks the last three years. Nationally, that ratio was about 1 in 4 homes. Above list prices in San Antonio were 42%, in Austin 33% and Houston 33%.